Hello, I'm Veronica!


Hi! I’m a designer and illustrator who’s passionate and creative. My inspiration for design comes from my love for travel where I observe, collect, experiment and ultimately create. I love to explore ideas and bring them to life. I like to spot the often-unnoticed and then capture every detail.  As an innovative designer, I’m eager to share my vision through collaboration. By embracing different perspectives, ideas and goals, the experience with all clients remains exciting and positive. I’m eager to see what we can do together!


"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." - Leonardo Da Vinci



Creating a branded design is a deep, thoughtful process. It’s more than just the design, it’s about the story that the brand is conveying. By first learning about your business, I’ll identify key elements that will influence the brand’s visual identity.

> Conceptual Development     > Logo Design     > Brand Packaging



Web design plays a major representation of your business. The process of creating a successful website requires research, architecture, development, visual design and execution. I create web designs that reflect your business’ brand while achieving desired goals.

> Visual Design    > User Interface Design    > Iconography Rapid Prototyping





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